People often tell me how they love the idea of RentBillow, but they are very cautious about entrusting their belongings to strangers. “What if they break it or steal it?”

I believe it is only natural to feel this way. Heck, I am the business owner and worry about putting my stuff for rent too. But just like learning to swim you don’t always just jump into the deepest side of the pool and wish for the best. You can start by renting small stuff that might be big stuff for others.

Even if renting out the family boat is just too risky, that does not mean that your leaf blower or 6’ ladder are as well. Every person needs to decide for themselves what items are just too precious to entrust to somebody else. As I look around my house I see many items that are just going to waste. I use them once or twice a year. Somebody else could really benefit by using these items temporarily.

One of my first customers listed a set of beautiful wedding cake cutters, a gorgeous wedding dress and many catering dishes. Some people would never dream of renting out their wedding items. However, for $150 somebody could rent all of these wedding items and save quite a bit.

RentBillow is just a great way to cash in on belongings that even though you might not frequently use, you love enough to not completely let go. It also is a place that allows people the ability to use other people’s great stuff even if they can’t afford to completely buy it.


Anabella Watson


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