Hello y’all!

Here are some ideas of articles you could put up for rent on

If you happen to have any other awesome idea, please send me an email  to

The baby package– Buying all the items needed for a baby’s arrival can be very expensive, especially with all the other expenses that come with a new baby. On top of that all the newly purchased equipment is only used for such a brief period of time. You might be unsure about having another baby, which makes you not want to sell those baby items, so you store them instead. How about renting them as a combo? Crib, stroller, feeding chair, etc. Maybe for $30 a month? You set the price. It’s a win-win situation. You make money, save space, keep your things and also help another family to save.

Parking Spaces– If you have a reserved parking spot that happens to be near places where important events occur. Rent it! Save someone the hassle of finding a parking spot miles and miles away and make some money for it.

Costumes– Halloween is near and those costume stores get picked over really early. If your kids are like mine and require a different costume every year, I am sure you have costumes from previous years that are barely used (used only one night in fact). Rent them and save someone the hassle of a 2 hour line at the costume store.

Sports equipment. – Every time our kids decide to try a new sport, we have to buy all the expensive equipment that comes with it. My son went through baseball, soccer & football before realizing he was just not interested in sports. After spending all that money on equipment, I drew the line when he said he wanted to take up archery.

Wedding dresses.- Of course for us girls, a wedding dress is one of the most special things in a wedding. But if you prefer a kick ass honeymoon, or if you are on a budget, the dress might not be such a priority after all. We can take advantage of those girls who decided their dress was indeed more important than a fancy shmancy wedding or an awesome honeymoon. We can embrace their good taste in designer dresses, and their lack of budget restriction.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this edition of S#IT YOU CAN RENT.

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P.S. Check your attics/basements.


Anabella Watson



3 thoughts on “RentBillow-S#IT YOU CAN RENT REV.2

  1. This is such a great idea. I am a party planner at heart and have tons of party decor I don’t know what to do with. I’m looking at an 80s party box right now, filled with stuff I made for a Halloween party one year, complete with a Michael Jackson Cardboard stand up. LOL

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