Finally! RentBillow is live. Now it’s time to put our belongings to work for us, and make them collect money instead of dust.

Here are some ideas:

Treadmills. – I am a woman. When I decide to start doing exercise I always end up buying all the equipment needed. 2 days later I am using the treadmill to hang clothes in it.

Lawnmowers. – Maybe you just need it occasionally. (Maybe you can even help your teenaged kid start a lawn mowing services).

TV’s. – I remember people buying TV’s and returning them to the store after the superbowl. (So wrong!) Now you can rent them. Guilt free.

Barbie houses. – I learned this the hard way. I even looked for the divorced Barbie in hopes it would come with Ken’s house, boat and car. No luck and $200 later that child played with it for 30 minutes. I would have been willing to pay $20dlls. To make sure she would really like it. (I will be putting it up for rent).

Antiques. – These can work as photography props or for open house decoration.

Game consoles/Toys in general. – Your kids are pretty positive they want the most expensive toy, but do they really? Test it before you make the expense. Maybe they are videogame challenged like me.

Pool cleaners. – We went through a complete investigation on which would be better for us. Those things are expensive. I wish I could have tried 2-3 before we committed to the $1,000. (Now I won’t even get to see my husband cleaning it shirtless).

Baby equipment. – Maybe your family is coming to town. Help them make their stay easier by renting a baby car seat, feeding chair, etc. (You will sure enjoy the visit more, they will as well).

Sewing machine. – Maybe you just want to save a little by fixing those pants that are feeling lose (after all, you did use that treadmill and it shows). Keeping a sewing machine might not be something you want or need after the job is done.

Cameras. – There are just so many. You want to make sure you have the best camera for the type of pictures you love to take. (If you just take pictures of food, stay with Instagram. I love to see those delicious dishes while I eat my ramen noodles).

Crates. – My bunny decided to leave us the day I allowed him to play in the backyard. I am still keeping the crate because I never know when I will feel again like getting a cuddly pet or a snake, who knows? So I am not selling it, but I can rent it until I get those urges again.

Party equipment. – I think this is pretty self-explanatory. Don’t forget to send me the invitation I will make sure to bring a gift you can put up for rent later.

Designer items. – Well aren’t we show-offs? You might also be broke (like me) and there is no shame in that. Renting is within our reach.

Furniture. – You might be in town for just a month, but I personally don’t like to eat on the floor (This is just my opinion). Those college years are gone, thankfully!

That’s all for today. Stay tuned. 


Anabella Watson



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