My First relay-The training of my dreams

I was probably drunk when I signed up for a relay of a half marathon. Everyone that knows me can tell I won’t run even if my life depended on it. Anyway, call it peer pressure I decided to give it a try. I didn’t want to make a big deal out of it, but my husband had an orgasmic emotion when I told him about this. He immediately drafted a detailed training plan in a fancy schmancy excel spreadsheet for us to start right away. Everything was planned now. I started with my favorite thing to do. Shopping. I never ran before so obviously I needed good tennis shoes. I needed a running jacket and I found an awesome one in my favorite color, orange. Unfortunately it was not on sale, but who cares, I really really needed it!! After getting pants, socks, iPod holder, water bottle, tons of iTunes songs & a headband. I was ready to Rock & Roll. (No, literally that was the name of the half-marathon).

My first training day was supposed to be 2 miles mostly jogging. I mostly walked & mostly complained. Long story short, this was my first and only training day.

You know how they say there’s nothing more comfortable than sleeping while someone gets ready for work? Well try that but when someone is getting ready for a marathon. Every day for a month I will comfortably sleep while my husband trained to run in the same marathon. Well somehow my subconscious was pressured by the time I had left before the big date. Every night I would dream I was running, so every morning I would tell my husband how tired I was for running all night in my dreams and all the training I was getting done in my dreams as well. He would just do a forced laugh and that “I will tell you “I told you to prepare” face.

The day was finally here. Technically I trained for like 15 days, that if you count dreams. In reality I trained a total of one morning. But that was not going to stop me. I was willing to do my best impression of Forest Gump, even if that would take me a whole day walking.

Right before leaving, my mother had the brilliant idea of telling me: “Oh don’t worry if you don’t make it. Just sit on the sidewalk and call me so I can pick you up”. OH NO You didn’t just say that!! IT’S ON beotch. (I finished college just because she said I wouldn’t! There is nothing I love more than prove her wrong). (Mom: If you are reading this just remember that I love you anyways.)

Long story short I started running non-stop and made a timing of 6 miles in 57 minutes. I finished even before my husband made it to the finish line to see my great ending.

Pfff amateurs…

 Anabella Watson Gump



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